What Is the Tech Accelerator program at Digital Elliptical Enterprise Solutions?

To encourage the nation's entrepreneurial spirit, Digital Elliptical Enterprise Solutions created and implemented this one-of-a-kind supercharged program. We are willing to teach, advise, support, and share all that we know about managing a successful firm in the modern era with up to 25 entrepreneurs. Every chosen entrepreneurial candidate is guided through the following crucial courses by our program.


Conceptualization and Consultation
  • Basics of Operating a Business
  • Design and Development of Products
  • further market and competitor research


Research and Learning
  • Important Considerations When Choosing a Business Model
  • Staffing and Recruitment Techniques
  • Procedures for Product Development


Wireframing and Design
  • Kickstarter UI/UX
  • Color Psychology
  • Market-specific Product Design and more


Proof of Concept
  • Analysis of Features and Functionalities
  • Scope and Potential Assessment
  • Data-driven decision making, assumption elimination, and other concepts


MVP Development
  • Principles of MVP Development
  • Sample Set Generation
  • Implementing MVP Strategies


Fully Developed & Launched
  • Market Reaching Initiatives
  • Targeting the Right Marketing Channels
  • Customer Acquisition Optimization

Why Should You Seek Mentorship From Digital Elliptical Enterprise Solutions?

  • leaders in the field of technology development
  • renowned service providers with a number of noteworthy accolades
  • Over 370 customers served
  • 625+ projects delivered
  • The best developers, project managers and strategists on board
  • The most airtight and practical modules in any Tech Accelerator program
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What You Get

You can benefit from our internal industry veterans' experience and knowledge through the Tech Accelerator program. After working directly for your firm for years, you acquire all the necessary knowledge for founding and operating a successful tech business.

Super-extensive wisdom on starting up
Documentation and compliances
Setting up teams, tech stacks, hiring strategies and more
Effective pitching and optimizing lead generation and conversions
Creating fresh opportunities for business expansions and more




Project Delivered to Clients


Customers worldwide