On-Demand eLearning App Development Solutions | Advanced Features & Cost

E-learning applications are interactive digital platforms that make it easier for teachers, students, and other educational institutions to share resources, tools, and expertise. Students can communicate with tutors online to study for their chosen courses and acquire study materials.

E-Learning App Development Solutions

Digital Elliptical Enterprise Solutions, a respected provider of e-learning app development services with a talented team of e-learning app developers, offers agile e-learning mobile app development services to help clients meet the changing educational expectations of the digital age. In order to make it easier for students to access education, we recognise the benefits of online learning and have created user-friendly white label eLearning app development solutions for educational institutions, private tutors, etc.

Explore New Ways of Learning Through Technology-Driven e-Learning Apps

The e-learning industry is not an exception to the trend of everything becoming more digital. The e-learning industry needs a strategy for learning promotion in order to reach a larger audience. Students have an easy way to learn and communicate with teachers from around the globe thanks to e-learning apps.

By offering consumers personalizedlearning and teaching experiences, you may rethink the traditional educational paradigm with the help of our tailored e-learning solutions. In order for you to fully benefit from cutting-edge e-learning, we help to meet the distant learning needs of students with our slick e-learning app development solutions. Join students and educators from around the world on one platform.

An interactive platform to acquire and impart education, on-demand e-learning app solutions

The incorporation of cutting-edge technology, such as augmented reality (AR), into e-learning programs allows you to perceive learning more efficiently. Offering easy-to-use mobile app development services is one way that many business owners are capitalising on this profitable industry.

Without needing to keep mugging, students can now explore new opportunities for conceptual understanding. By offering fun e-learning options, you can aid your child in concentrating on understanding subjects.

Choose A Highly-Scalable App Development

Solution For Your Restaurant Business

Innovative Learning Can Be Found With This Smart On-Demand e-Learning App.

Digital Elliptical Enterprise Solutions, an established provider of mobile app development services in the USA, provides interactive, unique e-learning app solutions that make it easier to link students and teachers via e-learning platforms. Through powerful e-learning programs, we provide well-balanced learning solutions online to meet contemporary educational needs.

On-Demand e-Learning App for Personal Learning

Make sure your users areutilizingthis remote learning tool to its full potential. They can find pre-made, immediately usable online courses here. Ensure that consumers can learn at their own convenience and pace.

On-Demand e-Learning App for Corporate Training

Provide the corporate sector with sophisticated e-learning applications. Employers should use these apps to virtually train their workers. Facilitate corporate training easily and affordably.

On-Demand e-Learning App for Educators

Give each teacher access to the resources they need to deliver thorough lessons. Teachers can view real-time student data engaged in a learning session with highly configurable class presentations and efficient tools.

Teaching App

The teacher app helps the teacher manage student's information and interact with them.

Easy profile creation
Connectivity with learners
Video chat feature
Reviews & Ratings
Profile Management
Edit the account settings
Individual assessment

Student App

The student app helps students connect with tutors, ask queries, submit assignments, etc

Easy registration
Online group studies
Ask queries through chat
Take mock tests
Live video conferencing
Select teachers of your choice



Manage Users


Manage Groups & Pages




Interact More and Connect More through Our User-Friendly e-Learning App Development Solutions

To begin, we will give you a Proposal and Sample. If you decide to acquire our services, you will be provided a contract to sign. At the time of signing, a 50% down payment will be required.

Customization & Branding

Our Designers will first give you an improved model of our product that incorporates your logo and colors. Minor layout adjustments will be made if necessary.

Launch & Setup

In the next stage, our staff will build up a server and email you the application to trial. Following your approval, the program will be submitted to all of the appropriate App Stores for review.


You will be needed to release the other 50% cash once the app is live in app stores, and we will transmit the Entire Code with License. If necessary, our team will explain to you how to access the building

Frequently Asked Questions

How much it would cost to build an e-learning app?

The e-learning app development cost depends on several factors like the number of features, app size, location, development team, customization, etc

Can I make changes to my e-learning app?

Upon your request, our development team can help you make changes to your app. The cost for the required changes would be based on the time and models you choose.

How much time it would take to build an e-learning app?

Well, the time to build an e-learning app depends on multiple factors like app complexity, size of the app, app design, app functionality, etc.

How would custom e-learning apps benefit my business?

Custom e-learning apps are developed to meet the specific requirements of your business. As they are designed to meet specific needs, they offer excellent learning experiences for your users.

What type of e-learning apps you can create?

We are proficient and have enough experience in creating almost all types of e-learning apps which include ERP, learning management, fun learning, CRM, VR classroom, and many more.